6 Ways Your Entire Family Can Unwind Together

We all go through stressful times. As a family, we can especially reach a point where it feels like the whole house will boil over. It is especially true if you’ve been having one of those rough days, full of errands and necessary activities such as school, work, or other obligations. When this happens, the best thing you can do is unwind.

Unwinding is all about creating downtime, where stress, worry, and overwhelm all fall away. Even better, though, is the idea of being able to unwind in a family. The family which can relax together builds close bonds, which cannot be shaken.

What are some quick ways the family can unwind?

Tell a Story

Here’s the time to pull out your old vacation photos or look at other pictures you have around the house. Invite family members to talk about what they remember about the day. You can set up this time best by carefully selecting pictures beforehand, which you know will lead to the best stories, especially the ones filled with laughter.

Watch a Movie

Speaking of laughter, this would be the perfect time for a comedy—funny movies help keep the mood light. Also, laughter has been proven through various studies to lower blood pressure while at the same time stimulating endorphins in the brain, which help us to relax and feel good at the moment.

Have a Hot Beverage

What about some tea or hot chocolate? Warm beverages naturally require time to drink them, which gives everyone a breather. The warmth also reduces cortisol, a hormone associated with stress (why bubble baths can be so relaxing).

Take a Walk

Exercise has so many health benefits it should almost go without saying. The best part about taking a walk together, though, is it gives time for conversation while at the same time doesn’t leave anyone out. You can use a stroller for the youngest family members. For bonus points, look for a way to take a walk somewhere you can appreciate nature, such as in a park or a forest. Did you know being around plants of any variety can lower stress levels?

Have a Snack

While grabbing food when stressed isn’t a great habit to get into, a little treat can do wonders for the mood. Having a supply of snack-size sweets allows you to enjoy without going overboard. Watch your kids’ eyes light up when offered an unexpected sweet.

Remember the Day

If you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day, add this game to your bedtime routine. Go around the room and ask everyone to talk about something they really enjoyed about the day.

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