Anself Back Roller Massager

When you are trying to incorporate massage into your life, either for personal use or as an independent therapist, you want to have the best tools. Sometimes these tools are items that make giving the massage easier, sometimes the tools are there to help ease discomfort from massage techniques that are necessary. An inexpensive massage tool that should be in every therapist or personal use gear box is a back roller massager. There are different types and brands, but the back roller massager by Anself is one to consider.

What is the Anself Back Roller Massager?

The Anself back roller massager is a hand held massager that fits in the palm of most people’s hand. It can be used in the left or right hand and can be use on more than just the back. The massager is spherical with a curved bottom. This makes it ideal to roll over stiff joints on legs, arms, shoulders, and other body parts while still giving a massage like pressure. If you are the therapist, it is ideal to give uniform pressure if you are having issues with your own hands that day. It is also ideal for clients that may feel too much pressure from your hands and you need to buffer that pressure in some way.

What Makes the Anself Back Roller Massager Stand Out from Others?

The key aspect that makes the Anself back roller massager different from others is the hand held design. This makes it small enough to carry with you to the gym, to add to your massage therapy tools, and to use easily. In addition to the size benefit of the massager, you will also find that it is different in the essence of the design itself. Most roller massagers for the back are as large as a round foam roller or foam pillow used in yoga sessions. This is totally different and can be used on smaller areas as well as for full body assistance.

How Easy is the Anself Back Roller Massager to Use?

If you are using the Anself back roller massager on someone else, it can be very easy to use. It has a curve that fits into the palm of most hands easily. However, if you are using it on yourself, there are a few things you should consider. It is meant primarily for use on other body parts due to the curved nature of the massager. If you do try to use it on your back you may have some difficulties. It is difficult to put on the floor or a wall and use it as a true roller massager. If you are doing this yourself, consider this massager as a body massager and not a traditional back option.


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