The Benefits of Getting a Foot Massage


Benefits of Foot Massage

One of the many  benefits of a foot massage can be very relaxing.  In the last 10 years, professional massage has grown massively. With a wide variety of options for massage and a growing number of massage therapists becoming widely available, people everywhere are becoming more and more curious about this expansive, interesting, and healthy practice. People commonly associated massage with backs, arms, and legs but what about feet? The feet play a pivotal role in human mobility, so it makes sense that we would want to care for them. this article explores the benefits of getting a foot massage.

Stress Relief

When your feet get massaged, you help your body to free toxins that have become stationary when you have spent an entire day standing. During the day, this constant use can lead to a small amount of swelling where fluids collect and stagnate. Rubbing or massaging helps get the flow moving again, which works to greatly improve your mood, and general sense of well-being.

An appropriate time to massage your feet for this particular use would be at least 30 minute to an hour before going to bed.


Another great benefit to massaging your feet before bedtime, is that the relaxation responses you experience will make it easier to sleep. Better sleep patterns also lead to better stress management, and any examination of the relationship between these two facets of life will reveal that they are intrinsically intertwined. The dimple on the top of the foot is called the Solar Plexus. Massaging this area can bring great satisfaction and allow you to rest better.

Improved Circulation

Like most massage, the benefits to circulation are huge. Increased circulation means a much more efficient circulatory system. The better this part of you can perform, the better you will feel. When you are hydrated, and manipulating your delicate framework of lymph and blood vessels, your system will respond by becoming more elastic and pliable. This is very important for cardiac health, and the feet are one of the most difficult places for the body to pass fluids to and from because of their location.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

When your circulation has been improved in your feet, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pass blood and other fluids to them. This helps to take some of the strain of functioning off your system, which means that you will have more energy for other activities and bodily functions.

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