Color Breathing Visualization For Stress Relief

Color breathing visualization is a practice that can be undertaken to relieve stress and to improve the mood. Breathing along with the visualization of certain colors can be very relaxing and can help us to gain a calm demeanor.

When we breathe with intention, we can mitigate stresses and we can bring awareness to our experiences in everyday life. Color breathing adds another dimension to meditation and mindfulness visualizations by incorporating colors that are associated with healing elements.

Anytime we bring awareness to the breath we can become more present in the moment and can more readily process what we are experiencing.

How to Do a Color Breathing Visualization

Undertaking a color breathing visualization is easy and can be done in various ways. Some people may prefer to sit while others would like to lie down. If possible, set aside a few minutes or more when you can be undisturbed. However, if you only have a moment, it’s also okay to close your eyes for even a few moments and envision the color you wish to implement.

Take a few deep breaths into the belly and into the chest while envisioning your body enveloped in the color of your choice. Continue this practice until you feel a shift in your mood or stress levels or experience a sense of calmness.

Colors and Their Meanings


The color red is traditionally associated with the root chakra. This color is associated with grounded energy that is stable and consistent. Red can also represent the heart and can represent love and healing the heart. Red is associated with the element of fire and can be visualized to enhance a sense of security.


The color orange is associated with the sacral chakra and is often harnessed as a color of sexual energy. This is also a color of creativity. This is a great color to visualize when you are implementing a project or searching for ideas.


The color yellow is associated with the solar plexus and is considered as the color of self-empowerment. It is also a color associated with the land and the Earth and it can help us to enhance self-confidence. This is a great color to visualize when you need an energy boost or a confidence boost. Visualizing yellow can help us feel more competent and ready to take on tasks.


Green is a color associated with money, with the heart, and with the wood element. Green is a color that connects us with our leadership and allows us to commit to the world with love and care. When we can resonate with our community, we can work together to relieve stress and feel loved and cared for.


Blue is the color of water and the color associated with the throat chakra. This is a great color to visualize when we want to speak up about something, we are afraid to say, or when we cannot formulate our thoughts into a cohesive speech. The color of water and the sky helps us associate to our atmosphere on Earth and connect us to the grander vastness of our existence.


The color purple is associated with royalty. It is associated with spirituality and a higher power. Purple is a color that can help us remember that we are powerful and that we are always experiencing exactly what we need to grow and learn, even if it is a difficult lesson.


A white light visualization brings protective energies and can allow us to rest in the peacefulness of knowing that we are cared for, even if only by ourselves. White light energy can assist in alleviating symptoms of depression and can protect the body from receiving darker energies.

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