Create a Relaxation Sanctuary at Home

Most people like to relax in an environment where they are safe and comfortable. If you want a special place to relax at home, consider setting up one room that you know you can always go to when you are feeling stressed.

You don’t need to set aside one whole room for this purpose. You can choose one room and make sure it is acceptable but then add extra touches for when you want to experience some relaxation time.

If you love your bedroom you can use this as your relaxation sanctuary. If you have a guest room you could set that up as your relaxation room so it is a different space from the room you sleep in every night. First of all, decide what textures you want to use. Would you love the feel of a thick fluffy floor rug under your feet? Think about a comfortable chair or extra throw pillows you could use to sit against on the bed. You could choose a wrap around chair that is supportive yet comfortable. If that doesn’t appeal to you then what about a massage chair that can soothe your tired muscles at the end of a long day? If it’s cold outside consider adding a heated blanket to your favorite chair.

If you want to use creative lighting to help the mood then add soft fairy lights to help you relax.

Another room that’s perfect as a relaxation sanctuary is your bathroom. If you love to take a long warm bath then consider adding accessories that will help you relax. Have candles ready to add to the room. If you don’t want to risk burning the house down then get battery operated candles. These days artificial candles are very realistic and they give a flickering light like a real candle.

Invest in a bathtub caddy and soak in your bath while you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage. You can also use the caddy to hold scented bath bombs or bath oils.

Another way to create a relaxation sanctuary is in your garden. Choose a favorite spot and add a chair where you can sit comfortably. If you can add a table this is helpful for placing a book or even adding a potted plant. If you choose some garden accessories like potted flowering plants, garden ornaments or a garden arch to your outdoor sanctuary then you’ll always feel like it’s welcoming you. And if you don’t have a large garden try setting up your relaxation sanctuary on a deck or a small patio. You can decorate it with all the things you love and make it your own space.

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