Most people rest at the end of the day when they’ve completed everything else off their to-do lists. What’s the old saying? Work before play! Getting your work done is the responsible thing to do and rest is more of a reward than a natural occurring activity. Creating a schedule that prioritizes rest can actually enhance your productivity and incentivize your work. Here’s how:

Scheduling rest promotes a better work/rest rhythm

Scheduling rest into your workday helps you set a rhythm. If you know that you are going to log off work at a specific time to engage in rest, it helps you set your day up and helps you concentrate. Knowing you are going to take a break at a certain time or complete your day at a certain time helps you make the most of your on-duty time.

Tip: Use a daily planner to schedule rest. Take a break mid-morning and walk around the block and eat some healthy protein. This helps your mind and body refreshed until the afternoon. Schedule a definite stop time for work and be sure to list any other activities you have during the day so you can easily see when and how to work rest into your schedule.  

Scheduling vacations gives you something to work towards

At the beginning of each calendar year, schedule vacations. This helps you work towards your trip financially and emotionally. Seeing that trip coming up helps energize and motivate keeping your eye on the prize. Whether it’s an extended weekend here and there or a couple of annual get-aways, putting them on the calendar helps you mentally prepare for the rest you and your family need.

Tip: use a year-at-a-glance wall calendar to display your annual schedule. Having your trips on the schedule can help keep you energized and motivated about the breaks coming your way throughout the year. It can help make your work time feel less stressful and remind you what you are working toward. 

Being smart with your schedule increases your productivity

Building your schedule around rest can make you more productive. Taking the time to consider the frequency and type of rest that you benefit from most can help you prioritize your schedule and make you more efficient. If you know you love to work out before or after work, it makes sense to schedule gym time and build your workday around it. If you know you are a morning person, it makes sense to work early and schedule off-duty time for the afternoon.

Tip: Start your week on Wednesday. Plan your week from Wednesday and move outward from there. If you are wise, you can create a schedule with Mondays and Fridays free for rest and relaxation by placing the focus for activities midweek.

Creating a schedule that prioritizes rest can help you be more efficient, have more time for yourself, and keep you motivated all year long. Learn to build resting into your schedule and reap the physical and mental benefits for rest with ease.