Healing From Within With Positive Affirmations

Using affirmations is a practice to heal from within and allows us to cancel, negate and correct old negative thought patterns. Positive affirmations can improve our health and can help us live more fulfilling lives by helping us change our thought patterns to more positive and meaningful ideas. Thoughts are mental cognitions that we often perceive as real and factual, which can lead to an emotional response.

We may have experienced trauma or other painful encounters throughout our lives that have formed mental constructs in our minds. Maybe we were bullied or made fun of. Maybe we had a traumatic upbringing, or little family support, or a career that didn’t carry us as far in life as we had imagined it would.

Whatever the issue, we can begin to form more positive and meaningful experiences when we can change our thought patterns and mindset to be more opportunistic. Doing this will allow our mind to be open to new ideas and ways of acting in the world so that we can take on new experiences without fear and with excitement. Positive affirmations are for self-confidence and power and stamina, and are also for healing, surrender and accountability.

Recognizing Our Thought Patterns

The first step to implementing positive affirmations for healing is to recognize our thought patterns and understand the root cause of our suffering or overwhelm. When it comes to our healing, we want to dig deep to determine where to do the work and where we are healed enough already to let go and move on. When a certain aspect of our lives is repetitious and keeps coming back unresolved, we know we need to do deep work.

Diving into positive affirmations is a great way to begin this practice of reformation of the mind. We first want to recognize our thought patterns and understand where our thoughts are coming from. When we have experienced trauma or another issue we are dissatisfied with, we may begin to form detrimental thought patterns around the situation.

We might begin to internalize or believe other people’s projections or ideas about us that are not necessarily true. Instead of allowing thought patterns and mindsets to control us, we can take control and make a decision to improve our mindset and make a new reality.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

Creating change in our lives using positive affirmations is an easy practice but can be very profound. The practice of using positive affirmations involves the repetition of a phrase or idea that is new to the mind and cancels out or changes a negative thought or belief that we hold.

When we identify a negative thought or belief, we can ask ourselves what is at the root of the belief. Follow the thought back to its origins in your life and begin to ask yourself when and why you started having a particular belief about something or yourself. Then, change the thought to one that is more positive and productive for you.

If you had a thought that made you feel inferior or ashamed, you can identify this and choose a new thought and statement that affirms your self-confidence and self-identity. You can choose to implement a new idea and repeat it again and again until it begins to take shape and manifest in your life.

Some positive affirmations work quickly while other thoughts and beliefs change over months, years and even decades. Yet, when we commit to changing our mindset and bringing in healing through positive affirmations, we are guaranteed to be gifted with a new outlook and perspective that brings peace and healing along our journey.

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