How to Have a Home Spa Day

Spa Day at Home

Spending a day at a spa leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and all around incredible. But they also come with a price tag that puts them out of reach on a daily or even weekly basis. It is possible to enjoy a spa day without the expensive price tag, though: a spa day at home. Here are some ways you can recreate the spa day experience at home.

Light Scented Candles

One of the greatest benefits of an at home spa day is that you can use your favorite scented candles to truly customize the experience. Get several of your favorite scented candles and scatter them throughout the house. Light them and enjoy the soothing fragrance, soft light, and gentle warmth they provide.

Stock up on Supplies

Go to the store and stock up on all the things you need for a spa day: face masks, creamy lotions, luxurious shampoo and conditioner, manicure and pedicure supplies (including a stunning color of polish), and some cucumbers or fruit to flavor your water. Get some fragrant oil for a massage, if you’ve got a friend or partner who’s going to participate. Don’t forget the bubble bath so you can luxuriate in a nice, warm tub.

Don’t Forget the Music

Atmosphere and ambience are everything. If hardcore heavy metal or pop music is your thing, go for it. But for a truly spa-like experience, go for some soft, soothing classical, or perhaps some Enya. If you have a full-house speaker system, this would be ideal, so you can hear your music throughout the house. Otherwise, create a custom playlist on your phone, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker, and move it around with you.

Take Your Time

In today’s busy world, we have a tendency to rush through everything. Even when there’s a day off, errands or even reading a book tends to be hurried through. For this to be a true spa day, you need to kick back and take your time. Savor each experience of the day. Soak in the bubble bath. Enjoy the massage for as long as possible. Apply the face mask and truly focus on how it feels. Don’t double up on things – don’t be tempted to apply the face mask while you soak in the tub. Let each individual experience be its own and pay attention to all the smells, sights, sounds, textures, and feelings each brings.

Get Rid of all Distractions

Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone, your tablet, and your computer. Turn the ringer down on your landline, and consider disconnecting the doorbell. Leave the TV off, and let the newspaper wait. Ignore the outside world and focus on your spa day. Let yourself relax and rejuvenate by giving yourself a complete break from daily life.

A spa day at home can be just as relaxing and soothing as a day spent at a professional spa. With planning and thought, and the intention to truly enjoy it, you can create an experience that’s as rich and pleasurable as any you’ve had at a spa. Treat yourself and enjoy the solitude and tranquility of being in the comfort of your own home as you pamper yourself.


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