How To Nourish Your Spirit with a Bedtime Routine

If you aren’t sleeping enough, it might be because you’re not following a proper nighttime routine. Giving yourself the ability to properly rest and recharge during the night is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and having a good bedtime ritual helps set you up for success. Creating a proper bedtime routine for you comes down to understanding your needs, desires, and preferences.

Follow the steps below to create the perfect bedtime routine that will help you nourish your spirit:

Step One: Wind Down at Least a Full Hour Before You Sleep
Take time to relax, get a calmer mood, and get ready for sleep. Avoid all screens or bright lights during this period as they can stimulate your brain too much and make it harder to fall asleep. Instead, listen to calming music or read a book; whatever helps you wind down.

Step Two: Review Your Goals and Reflect on the Day
Take a few minutes to review your goals for the day and reflect on how you did. This will help you feel accomplished and proud of what you did, as well as help you stay motivated and continue working towards your goals. Then, forgive yourself if you had a hard day, and let go of any negative feelings.

Step Three: Prepare Yourself for the Next Day
Take time to plan for what you’ll do the next day. Knowing that everything is taken care of will give you peace of mind and provide structure to help you get things done more efficiently. Create a short to-do list and make sure you prioritize tasks.

Step Four: Write Down Your Thoughts or Journal
Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and appreciation is therapeutic and helps clear your head before sleeping. In addition, it helps with creativity, self-reflection, problem-solving, and many other aspects of life. You don’t have to write long essays. Instead, jot down a few sentences or write as much as you’d like.

Step Five: Pray or Meditate
Take a few moments to pray, meditate, or be quiet. This helps you tap into your inner self and get into the right frame of mind to drift off to sleep peacefully. If you feel sadness, stress, or other negative emotions, acknowledge them, and permit yourself to let them go.

Step Six: Clean Up and Lay Down
Do a quick clean-up of your bedroom and yourself, and turn off the lights to lie in bed. At this point, your body should be relaxed and ready for sleep.

Creating a proper bedtime routine helps nourish your spirit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It lets you clear your head, recharge, and start fresh in the morning with a positive attitude. Don’t fear experimenting with different strategies until you find one that works best. Then, once you have it set up, stick to it. A good bedtime routine helps you fall asleep faster and ensure that when you wake up in the morning, you feel energized and ready for whatever comes your way.

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