Hygge Is A Feeling And A Lifestyle

Hygge, pronounced (Hue-gah), is a word used widely by Danish and Norweigan people to describe a feeling of well-being, protection and coziness. Denmark’s cold season is long and brutal. The idea of hygge was formed as a survival strategy to psychologically help people to get through the long winters. Although the feeling of hygge is mainly associated with winter, hygge can be achieved in any month of the year. Hygge is a concept that has become a way of life for the people of Denmark; it’s an emotional state of being. In recent years, the hygge moment has made its way to the US and has become a bit of an Instagram sensation. But even before the movement, all of us have felt hygge before it got popular, on social media. Maybe we just didn’t know there was a name for it. The essence of hygge can be described as the feeling you get when you laugh with good friends, curl up in a blanket to read your favorite book, or the warm and homey feeling that you get from sitting by a fire with a bowl of homemade soup on a cold day.

If you’re interested in the hygge lifestyle for yourself, you can start small by creating a simple hygge corner of your home. An ideal spot for your little hygge corner will be a comfortable seat by a window, if possible. Since the concept of hygge incorporates a contrast between the outside elements and being secure and well cared for inside your home, being able to see the outside is perfect. But, if you don’t have that option in your home, that’s ok too – pick a spot that has a comfortable seat and maybe a small side table.

Although hygge is more of a concept than something you buy, there are some decorating tips that will help you to create a hygge vibe. Coziness is a key component to creating your hygge corner, so think about putting out your warm blankets and favorite accent pillows to ensure you have a comfortable and soothing place to sit. Layer different textures and linens for a homey feel. Lighting is another key element to creating hygge in your home. You’ll want to put some candles near your chair and on the nearby tables. Lit candles will help induce a warm color palette and the feeling of intimacy in your designated nook. Books and natural or organic decor will further your hygge vibe as well. You certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money, if any at all, to create a nook that evokes hygge within your home.

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