Implement Systems to Free Up Your Time for Relaxation

If you’re always stressed out because you never have enough time in your day then it’s worth considering using systems to help you find time for relaxation. If you can systematize parts of each day you minimize most of the time-wasting tasks.

By implementing systems it means you don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel. If you start with some easy tasks it will encourage you to systematize more.

You can start to reclaim your time by automating as many bill payments as possible. You can also set up recurring orders for groceries or other household products. Whenever you need to shop for things, consider getting them delivered to save you time.

If you want to free up more time in the morning to help you relax, try systematizing your wardrobe. You could place each set of clothes for each day of the week from left to right in your wardrobe.

Another alternative is that you can wear the same clothes in a cycle of several days. You can wear one outfit on day one, another on day two and a third on day three. After that keep cycling your clothes so you wear the same outfit on day four that you wore on day one. Then follow the next day with the same as day two. Some people will think this is incredibly boring but if you allow yourself the flexibility of skipping a day and choosing an entirely different outfit when you feel like it then you can use the system as your starting base and it will save you time when you need to.

If there is an activity you want to do each day, but you never have enough time for it, then try to build a system into your daily routine. For example, instead of saying you want to meditate each morning but you don’t have time, make it easy for yourself to do it. Set up an alarm on your phone to tell you the time you’re going to start meditating and then use an app to guide you through a meditation. This is your simple system to make sure you do it every morning. It doesn’t need to take long but without this straight-forward system in place you’re more likely to think about the idea of meditation but not get started on it because you’ll choose to do another task that you know is waiting for you.

Set up systems to use your time better. As soon as you give yourself too many options you may not find enough time for yourself. By implementing a system and following through with it, you eliminate the alternatives and free up time which you can use for relaxation.

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