Journaling To Calm Your Chaos

Life gets overwhelming and emotions run high when we are battling with stress or stuck trying to solve a problem that feels unsolvable. One of the most-used tools of therapists or consultants is journaling.  Journaling is one of the most effective ways to create clarity and calm out of chaos and confusion.

Let’s look at how journaling can create more clarity in your life:

By giving a voice to your feelings- Journaling is a judgement free activity that doesn’t talk back. Journals are there to receive your information. Unlike your best friend or mother, a journal is there to listen and not offer unsolicited advice. A journal doesn’t meddle or get bored. A journal simply provides a safe space for you to process. Whether good, bad, or socially inappropriate, a journal is an excellent way to free yourself from your burdens and reduce chaos.

By working your mind to solve problems- Studies prove that our minds are designed to solve problems. Our psyche wants to figure out how to do whatever needs to be done. This is how innovation and technology have changed the world. By solving problems. The best way to solve a problem is to work it. Sort of like a Rubik’s cube, imagine your mind twisting and turning those colors until you get the pattern that unlocks the door and fixes the dilemma.

Helping you define next steps- As you journal and express yourself and work the issues at hand, your mind experiences the release of dopamine and starts to feel calm and competent. Ideas start to form as to what your next steps are and all of a sudden you have an epiphany that changes the game. Your sleep improves, your confidence improves and you are focused.

There is something magical about releasing your chaos and confusion into a journal and discovering that there is calm and clarity available to you. Allow yourself to work through your issues by journaling and experience the satisfaction of solving your problems.