Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones

One of the rising massage therapy options and techniques for muscle pain is the use of heated massage stones. These stones are generally river rock style and can be placed on your back or other areas for therapy reasons. The trick to this type of massage is that, with proper thought and placement, you can place the stones and use them yourself. This may lead you to wonder what stones are best. That is where Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones come in.

What are Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones?

The Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones are a set of massage stones made up of six stones. These stones are used in various ways depending on the area of the body you are focusing the attention on. There is also a box included with the stones and a small booklet describing the methods you can use the stones. If you want a full kit for the stones you will need to purchase a rock stone heater and possibly massage oil depending on how you will be using the stones. You will also need a cleaning cloth and a bag to store the stones if you will be using them often.

What Makes Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones Different?

The key aspect that makes the Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones different is the shape of them. Most massage stones tend to be oval in shape and resemble strongly the rocks you would normally call river rocks. The Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones are smooth but they have a naturally flat design on both sides which allows them to sit on the skin a bit more evenly and distribute the heat evenly for pain relief. They also contain magnesium naturally. This means that you can get natural relaxation and pain relief to the area with heat and magnesium unlike most stones that only offer heat therapy.

How Easy are Lifetop Basalt Massage Stones to Use?

The stones are fairly easy to use if you have the right equipment. These stones do not come with a stone warmer, so you will need that in order to make use of the stones. They can’t be used without heating and heating in microwave or oven will not work. With that in mind, you can place the stones easily enough yourself. If you are trying to use them for back therapy, you can lay them out on the floor, using a yoga mat or something similar, and lay on them. These stones are also ideal if you need more stones for your massage therapy and stone therapy.

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