Do you wish and hope for more peace and ease in your daily life with family? Sometimes it feels like our home life is not even close to that vision that we have in our minds of children playing quietly by the fire, family members speaking softly and using manners, and all of the peaceful things we would like in our daily home lives.

One way that we can bring about more peace in our families is to start by offering peace to others. Start with some simple daily changes.

Set the example. If your family members are usually impatience and use rude and disrespectful remarks, you should refuse to indulge in this behavior. Do not reflect a rude attitude back at others. Instead, be firm, patient, and polite. This may take some getting used to, but if you practice what so many preach about peace, you may just find that your calm and soothing ways are catching to other people.

Replace irritation with patience. Changing your entire attitude may seem impossible at first. Tension often builds as we have conflicts with family members over various issues. Even the small things seem to pile up in our heads, much like that never-ending mountain of laundry. But if we become aware of how often we feel annoyed by the very changing aspects of our own family life, we can begin to change our responses.

Keep tension under control. One way to be more patient is by finding release for your stress. If we take time out for exercise every day, including some light cardio and stretching, it will make a big difference in how we react to the little things that come up.

Be peaceful in words and actions. If your thoughts are negative, keep them to yourself. If your actions can cause unhappiness to others, change your plans. Find ways to be peaceful in your daily relations. By doing this, peace will come to you as you give it to others.