Thank goodness for sick leave. If you have benefits from employment that offers compensated time off when you are sick is really a good thing. Taking time to rest when you are sick means you’ll recover faster and reduce the chance of coworkers getting sick as well. What about days when you’re not sick, but you really need a mental health break?

Mental health days have great value. Being able to take a day off when you aren’t physically ill but mentally weary is as valuable as taking a sick day. Mental health days can revive your enthusiasm.

What is a mental health day?

Mental health days are breaks from work due to mental strain and overwhelm. Mental health days are an unofficial term encompassing the strain and negative impact that working too hard can have. Mental health days are also a great remedy for the stress and strain of emotional and social issues as well.

Who needs mental health days?

Everyone can benefit from a mental health day – even kids! Everyone has the potential to become overwhelmed. Things happen at work, at home, at school, anywhere, really. Sometimes taking an extra day just to focus on rest and restoring your mental health can renew your enthusiasm or help rebuild the stamina to keep moving forward.

What do mental health days look like?

A mental health day could be sleeping in and wearing your PJ’s all day in solitude. A mental health day could also look like getting in the car for a day trip, leaving your worries behind. There’s no right or wrong way to spend a mental health day as long as the focus is restoration and unplugging from the very things that are mentally wearing you out.  

When should I take a mental health day?

Mental health days should be as needed but might be controlled by your current schedule. While they are not an all-the-time solution to life, they can be a refreshing every now and then. Pay attention when you feel like your enthusiasm is declining. Pay attention to your kids who may be fatigued or emotionally acting out because they need a break. Be ready to take a mental health day when it will help you or your family refresh and get back in the game.

Mental health days is an excellent way to revive your enthusiasm for everyday life. You don’t have to be physically sick to benefit from an extra day off here and there. Enjoy a mental health day when you need to refresh and renew.