Morning Meditation Can Improve Your Day

Morning Meditation

The National Institutes of Health say that meditation is an historic mind and body practice that offers a wide variety of benefits to its practitioners. This often-solitary mental exercise has been around for centuries originating in Asia and has stood the test of time with its effectiveness. (

There is not much required to attempt meditation merely a quiet space, a comfortable resting position, a point of focus and some well chosen Mantras (Positive phrases). As a morning practice daily meditation has the power to improve your day in so many ways. It does not take a lot of time out of your day and does not require a huge amount of effort either. 

Relaxation Response

According to Holistic Occupational, one of the first and most common benefits you notice with meditation is a sense of relaxation. This makes sense because you have found a quiet place and you are actively sitting or laying calmly.

As part of the practice, you are breathing slowly and evenly and focusing on just one thing. This allows you to clear your mind of other distractions which may include things that are causing you stress. (,quality%20of%20life,%20and%20has%20many%20health%20benefits.).

With a clear mind and a calm, even breathing technique mastered, meditation helps you relax and in doing so opens you up to positive things. With even young children these days reporting feelings of being stressed out a short time each day in which you can find relaxation is beneficial. 

Meditation for Inspiration

The Exploration of Consciousness Research Institute suggests that with complete silence during meditation the mind can drift and become unfocused. This is why many people use mantra chanting as part of the process so they can focus on something positive while they clear their minds of other distractions.

One of the other benefits of using mantras in meditation is a boost in positive thinking. This can lead to inspiration. (

When our attitude is made more positive, we often feel more confident and if we use mantras that inspire us to do something great, we have a better chance of success. If, for example, we chant a willingness to improve our health it can help us to find the willpower to act.

Also, if we use a mantra to inspire us to professional success, we give ourselves the focus and confidence to seek that success. Essentially what you put out into our minds while meditating can inspire us to action. 

The Pain Killer Effect

According to the National Institutes for Health there is some evidence that regular meditation practitioners have some control over their pain responses. In a 2016 study by the NIH the results indicated that mindfulness meditation helped control pain in the body without the need of the body’s natural opioids. (

A second study of those suffering back pain showed that those taught to use mindful meditation managed their pain better than those taught cognitive-behavioral therapy. Those who meditated found they were able regain more mobility in their backs than those using traditional methods. This means that daily morning meditation can potentially stave off the general aches and pains of the day. 

Changes To The Brain

The NIH suggests that studies exist showing a potentially greater ability to process information by regular meditation practitioners. In comparing brain scans of adults who meditate regularly and those who do not the meditators exhibited more folds in the outer layer of the brain. This indicates that they may have a great ability to process information.

With regular morning meditation you may be building up your brain strength, improving concentration and your ability to learn.

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