Prayer Brings Peace to the Family Home

If you are thinking about ideas on how to bring more peace to your family life? Prayer is one way to deepen the bond between family members and cultivate a loving, soothing environment at home. How does praying together accomplish this?

Prayer offers hope. Praying as a family reminds us of our shared values, and that we are all in this life together, struggling as we may yet pushing on, encouraged by our support of each other.

Prayer helps individuals be heard, seen and felt. While praying with our children and our partner, we are made aware of what they think about things, what bothers them, what they hope for and what obstacles they face.

Parents and children can set goals for the family and for each individual. During prayer, we can talk about our hopes, fears and challenges, and define what we would like to happen in our lives.

Prayer strengthens our bonds. Along with healthy, open communication and the sense of trust between family members, when we listen to and reflect on what family members wish for both individual family members and for the family as a whole, we feel supported and encouraged.

Prayer helps us love more deeply. When we feel loved, the peaceful feelings grow between us as a family. Loving gestures, affection and kind words increase oxytocin levels in our blood which help us to feel calm and secure.

How to pray even if you’re not religious:

People all over the world and from all cultures and belief systems pray. Whether or not you believe in a higher power and regardless of your ideas of what happens after we die, you can bring spirituality into your family life, and increase peaceful, loving feelings through prayer.

What to pray about:

Pray for strength. Send wishes into the universe, or to your God, that family members can work through their problems large and small.

Pray for success. Success is a subjective concept, but we all have ideas about what we’d like to make happen in our lives. So if you and your family members have set personal goals that will keep you on track with living better and improving the world by way of your gifts, then talk about it and pray about it together.

Pray for health. A weak body means we are unable to enjoy what life has to offer. When we’re robust and full of life, we can engage more fully and do the things we want to do. Pray for the health of your partner and family so that you may enjoy life to the fullest.

Pray for understanding. Many of the conflicts that we experience in our daily lives are rooted in misunderstanding. In seeking to connect with each other through prayer, we can gain better insights into our relationships.

Pray for peace. Set intentions for being more kind, loving and patient, with your partner, within your family, and with the people you encounter every day.

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