In this busy world of running around 24/7 with stress getting the best of us, it’s nice to unwind and treat the face and body with a spa treatment. When the self-care pampering and relaxation are done at home, it’s convenient, personal, cost-effective and a wonderful way to regain our power, balance and healthy glow. These spa beauty blends are available at affordable prices and have been resourced from the best that nature has to offer.

About the Bath & Body Spa Gift Set

The Premier Dead Sea Secrets Relaxation Bath and Body Spa Gift Set is the perfect collection of good for the skin products that deliver excellent deep cleansing, nourishing anti-aging skin care ingredients along with carefully chosen beauty tools that aid the scalp, the eyes and the hands. Each luxury kit features the magical head-to-toe benefits from the Dead Sea in Israel from the high-quality Dead Sea Secrets label. These include the Dead Sea Mud Mask with aloe and seaweed in a creamy base for the face and the Dead Sea Bath salts with lavender-scented minerals for the body. These are authentic, rich ingredients without the chemicals found in other brands.

The kit offers a generous bar of Intense Eucalyptus Hemp and Tea Tree Soap with amazing antiseptic action and soothing nourishment for the pores with its unique peppermint leaves formula. The spa kit features a refreshing Eye Gel Mask for smoothing away puffiness, tiredness and dark circles. Also included is a wire Scalp Massager that revs the circulation for healthy hair follicles and a 2-Inch World Stress Ball that allows tension to dissipate, alleviates carpal tunnel pain and returns strength and mobility to the muscles of the hand and wrist. All of these gorgeous products come in a large 12 X 9-inch linen bag.

Using this for Self-Care

We often get carried away with the responsibilities of daily living and forget about engaging in a few minutes of pampering. Self-care is essential for a healthy mind, body and spirit; it’s especially important for women because we tend to put everyone else ahead of us. Indulging in beauty products with high mineral compositions from Israel’s Dead Sea create smooth, supple skin.

You don’t have to be a star for access to these effective, advanced formulas and personal care products. The Premier Dead Sea Secrets Relaxation Bath and Body Spa Gift Set is waiting here for you or for that special someone in mind. Let self-care take you away.