Staying Calm Audio Book


Staying Calm Audio book with 10 Mp3 digital file chapters.  Chapters includes:


          • Audio track#1:  Don’t Rely on Alcohol to Stay Calm
          • Audio track#2:  Has Your Doctor Prescribed Drugs to Stay Calm
          • Audio track#3:  How Staying Calm Can Help Your Finances
          • Audio track#4:  How to Stay Calm Before an Exam
          • Audio track#5:  Increase Your Confidence to Stay Calm
          • Audio track#6:  Its Time to Live in the Present
          • Audio track#7:  Keeping Calm with Essential Oils
          • Audio track#8:  Staying Calm at Work
          • Audio track#9:  Trying to Stay Calm? Time to Take Up a Hobby
          • Audio track#10:  Using Meditation to Stay Calm
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