The Complete Guide To Chronic Stress


SPECIAL REPORT REVEALS THE DANGERS OF CHRONIC STRESS And…How To Get Yours Under Control When You Learn The Simple Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to Experience Less Stress, Better Health and More Calm and Peace of Mind


Are You Stressed Out?

Unmanaged chronic stress, where constant, pressures and demands of life leave the body in a heightened and continuous state of arousal and its subsequent physiological reactions take a real toll on mind, body, and spirit.

As you experience prolonged and repetitive stress, your risks for serious physical and mental health problems increase exponentially.

This comprehensive anti-stress manual contains key information you need today!

  • Acute Versus Chronic Stress
  • Effects on Body, Mind, Spirit and Quality of Life
  • Signs and Symptoms Of Stress
  • Major Health Risks
  • How to Manage Chronic Stress in the Right Ways

And Much Much More…

In this special instant-download report on
chronic stress, you will discover…

  • How unmanaged stress can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer
  • The “stress hormone” that does so much damage, and how to decrease its production
  • The importance of the parasympathetic relaxation response and how to engage it anytime and anywhere
  • Common daily causes of chronic stress
  • Why infrequent acute cases of stress can be good for you
  • How chronic stress can lead to a decrease in sexual desire and performance, and chronic pain
  • The impact of stress on physical, mental and emotional health and quality of life
  • The worst ways to deal with stress
  • 18 factors that increase your risk of chronic stress
    (If you read nothing but this chapter, you can keep stress from negatively impacting your life)
  • 13 proven ways to reduce work-related stress
  • The link between laughter and stress control
  • 28 effective stress management techniques

And More!


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