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Relaxation Music To Calm Your Mind

Relaxation music can help calm your mind and to put you in a relaxing mood. Soothing music takes you to a place of peach, calm and serenity. Beautiful smooth melodies and nature sounds will help you to relax and relieve stress. It lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, helping to regulate breathing and lower your stress levels. Research has confirmed that heart rate and blood pressure remains more stable throughout any stressful situation or medical procedure when listening to relaxing music.

Relaxation Music can be use during the following activities:

  • Bubble bath with scented candles.
  • Music can enhance relaxation during massage, spa treatments, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.
  • Calming relaxation cds played by the bedside can help to induce sleep.
  • Play quiet music in the background while you are working.
  • Listening to music while driving can help to the stressful effects of dealing during traffic backups.
  • Music on long airplane flights can help you to relax and get through the long hours.
  • Music can also be used throughout the day to help deal with stress and anxiety, or to calm the mind and body before stressful situations.
  • Hospitals and clinics are using calming music to complement medical and clinical treatment to help the patient relax.
  • Music for therapy should be melodic and based on slow repetitive rhythms of around 60-80 beats per minute. Music is used for therapy for pain management, muscular tension, stress relief, sleeping problems, depression, memory loss and speech therapy.

Types of Relaxation Music

Music has the power to heal and calm us. When you choose your music, you will want to listen to music that is at a comfortable level of sound. The music that you choose to for relaxing will depend on your personal taste in music. Here are some types of relaxation music for you to choose from.

  • Jazz
  • Nature sounds
  • Binauaral beats
  • Classical
  • Ambient musics
  • Background Music
  • New Age
  • Reiki Music
  • White Noise Cds
  • Sound Therapy