Relaxation Response

Relaxation response is mainly based on thoughts and methods.  this means that when you are asked to do something you respond a certain way.

It’s like a speech therapy.  You can do it by listening to a relaxation response CD, and following these steps:

  1. Find a quiet place.  Make yourself comfortable.  You can sit or lie down.  The first important step will be taking deeper breaths for sometime.
  2. Feel the movement of the body.  Perceive how your body empties out all the pressures to the world and becomes free, and then once again, takes the world in its corpus and moves up from the surface-level.
  3. Now, scan the areas that you feel are most tense.  You can do it by channeling your mind.  try to free the areas that your feel are most tense.  You can do it by channeling your mind.  Try to free the areas which are tense, rather than the areas that seem to have slight pain.
  4. Try to imagine the shape, color, size of those areas.  This will help you focus. Ask yourself: Is it round or angular or smooth or hard?  Then make them feel heavy.
  5. Now, when you have been able to track your tension, release them.  this releasing is interesting because here you don’t have to do any physical exercise.  You just have to think that the pressures is being released from you onto the lower-surface of the body, then onto the ground, and finally evaporating to the world, into the atmosphere.
  6. Continue to locate, analyze, and release the tensions in this way.