Meditation is an important component to any yoga practice. Not only does it help to minimize stress and anxiety, but it also works to enhance our physical and mental well-being as well. The more spiritually minded feel that it helps them to develop a deeper connection while greatly improving their personal growth and development.

Those who practice meditation regularly, whether in conjunction with yoga or not, will love the Sattvic Path’s Yoga Cushion. It is a welcome accessory for use at home or in the studio.

The cushion comes in four unique colors (lilac, burgundy, cobalt and midnight) and two sizes – Zafu for normal support and Rando for larger people.

It has an ergonomic shape for added appeal while the outside cover shows a true attention to detail and craftsmanship. All of the stitching has been completed by talented European artisans.

The inside of the cushion is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. Their high quality shows through in their firmness. You never have to worry that the cushion will lose its shape due to repeated use.

Crafted with a double liner, this helps to ensure that none of the buckwheat hulls ever spill out. Unlike many other cushions of this kind, there is an inner opening that is sealed with velcro instead of an uncomfortable zipper.

Transporting the cushion is easy due to the handle located on the side. The handle itself is patterned in a complementary color that contributes to the overall design.

The true value of this cushion can be best appreciated from the first time you use it. It provides a comfortable experience while giving the back and spine plenty of support. Sitting in a cross legged position on a hard floor for any length of time can be challenging for many people. That is no longer a problem when you use this cushion.

Storage is easy after use as well because you won’t need a lot of room. Whether in the corner of a room, under your bed or in a closet, finding a spot to place the cushion in is no problem.

If you have the time, go through the reviews on Amazon for this product as well. You will see that most buyers agree that they love the comfort that the cushion gives them. The price in comparison with the value received from this purchase makes it a true no brainer. Click here for more information on this yoga meditation cushion.