Seeking Peace for the Holidays

Wondering how you can share more peace with others during the holiday season? Spreading peaceful feelings to other people can have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing. This is because when we show kindness, patience, tolerance and understanding toward our fellow humans, we activate a sense of calm and it becomes contagious. An easygoing and lighthearted vibe is definitely something that we can pass along to the next person. This works to create a pay-it-forward gesture of peace.

When you think of peaceful holidays and how to go about achieving them, imagine that all people are connected by invisible links. Share the peace… pass it on… don’t break the chain!

Consider this: each time we argue or have a tension-filled exchange that’s punctuated by thoughtless behavior, impatient communication and overall rudeness, we send stressful feelings out into the world and we also invite more stress into our own lives. Just as our strivings toward peace have a ripple effect on the people around us, our lack of peacefulness can also impact those with whom we interact. So when you’re faced with a difficult situation, choose the peaceful response. Remember that a peaceful life begins with you, and the choices you make.

Peacefulness is something that we can strive for in small but meaningful ways. The holiday season is a great time to start sharing peace with others. The peaceful gestures that we offer during this celebratory time can carry us through to the coming year, and offer a fresh start in how we approach our relationships.

Choose peace during the holiday season: here’s how.

Approach holiday plans with an open and flexible mind. Don’t let minor mishaps spoil the day. If a family member opts to bring wine instead of the requested potatoes, let it go. Offer the gift of benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this family member is having a tough year. Next year could be the Christmas that they shine in the kitchen.

Be gracious when it comes to gifts. Gift-giving can be a source of contention around the holidays. One way to keep the present exchange peaceful is by setting a max on spending. Another way is by deciding in advance who will be trading gifts this year. Will it be kids only, or are adults involved as well? If someone buys a gift for you that isn’t quite right, say a polite thank-you and then quietly exchange or re-gift if you must. Complaining about or showing ingratitude for gifts is no way to have a peaceful Christmas.

Likewise, if you give a gift and it’s the wrong size or the person already has one, be the bigger person. Understand that not everyone can always make use of the presents we give. A gift can be passed on to someone who can use it, or it can be returned for cash. One way to avoid ruffled feathers over Christmas presents is to avoid the “how do you like the X that I gave you” follow-up conversation. Once you give a gift to someone, it is not your business what becomes of that item.

Show tolerance for everyone at the party. The merriment of the holidays comes with its share of clashing personalities. Solitude-seeking introverts might feel engulfed by more aggressive types. Your Christmas bash might result in some rowdiness or perhaps a heated debate or two. People are in close quarters at this time of year. The best policy for keeping the holidays peaceful is by keeping conversational topics light, and ignoring the urge to give certain people a piece of your mind. Walking away during an awkward moment is a very good means of retaining the peaceful Christmas vibe.

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