Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System

Sound Oasis is billed as a ‘unique sound relaxation’ system that helps you de-stress by creating your own calming sound environment. By flooding your surroundings with authentic nature sounds, you block out other, irritating noises and therefore aid relaxation, concentration and sleep. It is also described as a proven tool for helping sufferers of tinnitus and incorporates the world’s first sound card technology which allows users to add their own, additional sounds by inserting a memory card.

As someone who is extremely sensitive to noise, I was wanted to put this to the test and see if creating my own ambient noise would help me both relax and sleep better, especially as I have been suffering from a fair amount of stress. First impressions were that the sound quality was excellent, with the white noise option being particularly good at creating a continuous stream of ambient sound. I tried this out as a sleep aid and found that it worked really well, enabling me to have the first unbroken night’s sleep in quite some time as it effectively blocked out all extraneous sound, including my partner’s snoring!

The Sound Oasis is very simple to operate and not only helps me to relax but also to focus as I find myself able to concentrate without the distraction of intermittent noises such as neighborhood dogs barking. This, along with the fact that it helps both me and my husband sleep so well, has helped lower my stress levels as I feel more refreshed and relaxed and able to cope with situations more. I like the way I can run it on various 30, 60 or 90 minute cycles as well as in continuous mode and also think the fade option is a great feature, especially when using this to get to sleep. While some may find the integral nature noises not to their taste, I thought they were well-chosen and very realistic. All round, an excellent product and one I will be using for many years to come.




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