Visualization Meditation For Better Sleep

Visualization is a wonderful practice that can assist us in creating a new image for our lives. Visualization has been used for decades by successful people, entrepreneurs, and athletes to create positive outcomes.

Visualization can help us create the life of our dreams by giving us the confidence that we can achieve anything we want to achieve. Visualizing our dreams every day can rapidly accelerate the opportunities we receive and our dreams and goals.

The process of visualization allows us to tap into the subconscious mind and allows creative ideas to come up in a clear mind space. Visualization programs the brain to receive messages for resources that can help us on the pathway to achieve the dreams.

Visualizing allows the brain to understand that opportunities are available outside the current reality and that we can bring new ideas and actions into our life. When we do visualizations, we create an attraction so life can bring us more of what we desire.

Imagery Exercise for Better Sleep

The practice of guided imagery for better sleep is to create focus and attention on a story we create or an image in the mind that is calm and allows us to relax.

  • First, get into a comfortable position in bed and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax the body as much as possible.
  • Get into a comfortable position and begin to visualize a scene or memory or a story that is calming. You may want to visualize a vacation spot, a place on the beach or in the mountains, a place in nature that relaxes you, or a nourishing activity.
  • Begin to create a new scene in your mind and focus your attention on this and begin to create the scenario in your mind. If you ever find your mind drifting to a thought that is unrelated, you can take note of it and let it go.
  • You can always refocus the mind to a new story that is relaxing.

We may need to continue to practice this daily until we can keep this vision in our minds eye without disruption. Visualization is a lifelong practice.

Guided Imagery

Some people prefer to listen to a guided meditation that is facilitated by a person and is set to music and follows a particular storyline. This can help us to create our visualization image by guiding us into a realm where we can be more creative.

It is possible to buy or download a meditation online that is specific for use before sleep. The guide will often lead listeners through a series of exercises to relax the body and then the mind and to create a safe space to explore the thoughts and create new experiences.

Guided meditation is a great place to start if you have trouble holding an image in your mind for extended periods of time, or if you find yourself falling asleep quickly when you try to visualize.

Some Extras To Ease You Into Sleep

Some additional tips and tricks can assist in easing you into mindful visualization. One tip is to turn off electronics before bed and turn your clock away from you or cover it with a cloth. It can be stressful to watch the minutes go by when you are trying to visualize and sleep.

Keeping your cell phone off or in airplane mode eliminates late night distractions and prevents blue light from disrupting our sleep and visioning cycle.

Try to create a peaceful environment instead, using soft lighting, a salt lamp, essential oils, or other calming meditative ambiance like music.

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