What Does Peace Mean to You?

Peace can mean different things to different people. Generally though, when we think of peace, we think of a calm scene. The picture might include vision of a beautiful nature scenery or a tidy space free of clutter. It might be soft music, or no music at all… or perhaps the soothing sounds of nature.

Are we alone in our peaceful scene? For many people, being by ourselves brings a sense of peace. We can relax and go with our own inner flow. We don’t have to talk with or organize with others, which can often feel like work, and stress.

If we are with other people, then peace might be the absence of conflict. Peace shared with others might feel like everyone is together, but each doing his or her own thing. Just chilling out, and not getting ruffled about anything in particular. Not feeling pressured to talk, explain or defend ourselves, or perform at any given time, could feel like peace to some.

What other words mean peace to some people?

Serenity. Feelings of calm, rest and ease. Absence of expectation or judgment.

Safety. A quiet space to let your guard down and be yourself. A place where there are no threats, either to our physical body or our mental well being.

Freedom. Peacefulness might come from having the freedom to do what you like, when you like. Peace might feel like floating along at a leisurely pace, responding to your own inner whims.

Solitude. Some people consider their alone time a necessary means of finding peace. If you’re something like this, peace to you might look like personal space in which to think, dream, create, learn, or just be.

Quiet, agreeable companionship. Mutual respect and courtesy, living and letting others live.

Harmony. Disagreements without strife. Being able to communicate in a relaxed manner, letting the thoughts flow easily, being okay with whatever is being said.

Relaxation. The opportunity to rest and recharge your battery. Peace, to many people, means getting some time to relax and unwind.

If you’re someone who would like to trade confusion for clarity, calamities for calm, and chaos for quiet in your everyday life at home… then try these tips for keeping the peace in your household.

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