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  • Mind-Body Techniques

    Mind-Body Techniques


    Mind-Body Techniques are holistic practices that utilize and strengthen the powerful and natural connection between your mind and body.  ‘Mind-Body Techniques’ will show you the mind-body connection and why it is vital to our health and happiness.  This is a 50-page eBook that comes with The Mind and Body Connection Workbook.

  • Mindfulness Mastery


    Mindfulness Mastery eBook is a complete guide for beginners to help you with mindfulness to control the hectic and the chaotic of today’s life with calmness. The eBook package comes with the following:

    • Mindfulness Mastery eBook (45 pgs.)
    • Guided Meditation Mindfulness Audio (13 mins.)
    • Mindfulness Meditation -Step by Step instructions (3 pgs.)