Campfires have always been used to keep us warm, as well as for social gatherings and to make friends. Some studies show that the relaxing feeling we get from sitting next to a crackling campfire is evolutionary. We have actually evolved to feel calm and cared-for when we sit by a fire. So, it’s no surprise that one of the essentials that provide a home with the magic of the hygge feeling is fire. The cozy and welcoming feeling that fire brings into a home can be accomplished in many different ways.

A fireplace can easily bring the ultimate magic of hygge into your home. The soothing light of a fire will make your home feel comfortable and welcoming. Gas fireplaces have gained in popularity because of their convenience. They will do the trick, as well. Harness the magic even further, by providing a comfortable place to sit to enjoy the warm glow with a cozy blanket, hot tea and your favorite book or magazine.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, the flame of candles will do just fine to help you achieve the hygge feeling in your living space. Place various candles around your home in places you tend to hang out in frequently. Side tables next to your favorite chair by the window, on your countertop in the kitchen, on your bedside table and in the living room on a shelf – these are all optimal places to enjoy the dim, warming light that a candle produces. The soft flicker of a candle flame will bring a cozy atmosphere to any room.

A wood stove is another great way to bask in the radiance of the natural light of fire. Wood stoves are a bit of a thing of the past, as they were widely used before electric heaters. But, the nostalgia and functionality of a wood burning stove, makes it a wonderful addition to a hygge home.

An electric fireplace is a good option as well. Electric fireplaces can be purchased for any home because they don’t require a chimney or a smoke stack. Electric fireplaces can be made to feel more authentic by installing them with a mantle and decorating it like you would with a wood burning fireplace. The light put off by an eclectic fireplace will make your home feel just as warm and cozy.

The last way you can bring the magic of fire into your home, is through use of the fireplace channel on your TV or even on your computer or tablet. Although a digital fire may seem unconventional, in today’s world, it’s a viable option. We may not all have the ability within our living spaces to have a fireplace and this choice works just fine. A digital fire does bring coziness into the room, try it out, you may be surprised how well it actually works!