The Hygge Magic Of Slippers, Thick Socks, And Cozy Sweaters

No matter your surroundings, it’s hard to feel cozy if you’re wearing uncomfortable clothing. That’s why loungewear like slippers, thick socks and cozy sweaters are essential to your casual, hygge home life.

A good pair of slippers will not only keep your feet warm, but actually soothe your feet after a long day. The best hygge slippers are made from natural fibers, like woven knit or leather or suede. There are many hygge inspired patterns and colors out there to choose from, a favorite being a plain, natural color, such as beige. For the inner sole of your slippers you might like to choose memory foam, for softness and comfortability. For the outer sole, pick something that is non-marking, so indoor use won’t be a problem for your floors and rugs.

Thick socks are another basic, essential item to your hygge winter wear, this year. Thick knit socks are so comfortable and can be worn with any loungewear for wintertime, cozy feel. The best thing about socks is that, unlike slippers, you can feel good about putting your feet up on your favorite comfy chair or sofa, without getting the furniture dirty. Natural and organic knitwear is big in Denmark, home of the concept of hygge. Get yourself some cozy socks like this and you’ll be ready to take on winter.

Chunky sweaters are a wonderfully versatile clothing item for winter. You can easily wear these sweaters while you’re relaxing indoors or when you have to go out of the house on an errand. Hygge inspired knit sweaters are warm, cozy and on trend. Again, natural colors and fibers make the best hygge sweaters. Pair your soft, comfortable sweater with a pair of fleece lined leggings and you’ll be all set for a cozy night at home.

With all of the potential hygge style winter wear, you’re sure to have some gift giving ideas. It’s always nice to pick up a pair of cute cozy socks for a friend or maybe even matching slippers for the family. Personalized gifts are always a nice gift giving touch too. Monogramming the winter slippers you have purchased for each member in your family would make an excellent little gift along with a handwritten dinner party invitation. This way you can all enjoy your cozy monogrammed hygge slippers as you share a wonderful family meal around the table.

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